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Technical Assistance
Higiguima’s employers are committed to help clients to eliminate their difficulties and setbacks from the use of its products and dispensers.

Individual Customer Service
A cleaning and hygiene plan is draw to fulfil clients’ needs and expectations.

Placement and Logistic
There is shipping, contracts with carriers, and a stock continuously updated to attend clients’ demands.
Higiguima has available some communication supports: web page, catalogues, spec sheets, material safety data sheets, among others. These assemble different information, like products entry, deals or products' composition.
Online Support
Higiguima’s web page has a restricted area for clients, where they can comfortably do some tasks like doing orders, seeing old requisitions, asking for information, among others.

Training Action Plan 
Higiguima develop training action plans to introduce users to its products, where it is highlighted a practical/demonstrative component. Products’ users learn how they must use it in a correct, effective and profitable way.
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