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Higiguima Quality Policy

Products and services’ Quality
This point has the attention of Higiguima’s technicians. They search new products and services. These products should be useful for consumers and friendly of people’s health, security and comfort.

Satisfaction of Clients, Consumers, Supporters and Employers
At Higiguima, clients are the force which makes us want to do better and better. We want to understand and answer to their orders and requirements, in a useful time, with effective, new and better solutions  than that from competitors.

The rudder: consumers expect effective and safety solution for their cleaning problems, ergo Higiguima should offer a set of products and services that reach this goal.

Supporters have a crucial role at Higiguima’s success. They sell us raw and good resources to the production section, therefore Higiguima works to establish durable and trustable relationships.

The enterprise’s growth is closely linked with the employers’ wellness and their professional progress. At Higiguima, people can improve their knowledge and skills; take part in organizational decisions and take advantage of medical care.

Higiguima has always in mind the improvement of its products and services and the creation of new ones. It looks into the concurrence and technological developments it investigates better and newer solutions.

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